Our Winery

Jones of Washington is a family owned and operated
that is committed to artisan wines crafted with love and attention.

We plant the grapes, we make our own wine

There's no doubt great wine is made in the field.

But it helps when you plant and care for the grapes yourself on land you've farmed for decades; land that just so happens to be blessed with a soil, geography and climate ideal for growing premium wine grapes.

It helps, too, when your family-owned, small-batch winery is overseen by a winemaker focused on choosing only select grapes and operated by high-tech equipment more commonly found in much larger wineries.

At Jones of Washington, located along the shores of the mighty Columbia River in central Washington state, all these factors come together to produce some of the best estate wines in the West.

"We've been farming for decades and know the land really well," says family member Megan Jones of where the winery's vineyards are located. "We know where it is best to plant grapes and to fine-tune the varietals. It's second nature to us."

That personalized care has led to numerous awards and accolades — including being chosen Washington State Winery of the Year — since we produced our first wine, a 2001 Merlot.

Our prices are known to win applause, too. It is important to us that Jones of Washington wine be wine people can enjoy every day. Not just sometimes.

Those are the kind of decisions only a small family-owned enterprise can make.

So pick up a bottle or drop by one of our tasting rooms.

We own the land. We plant the grapes. We make our own wine.

You'll taste the difference.